The Duracell® VOYAGER are the ideal on-the-go flashlights due to their handy shape, their low weight or their rubberized body – depending on the model you chose.

STELLA Series:

The light but bright star within the VOYAGER family.

The STELLA flashlights have an extremely low  weight. Perfect for travelling, where every gram counts. Choose between four different sizes, depending on your needs and on your luggage.

STL-1 Model:

No more free space in your backpack and your hand luggage has already reached the maximum weight? No problem, the STL-1 will still fit in. The featherweight in mini-format is ideal for travelers who don't want to be left in the dark.

Please contact your local dealer for availability.

Extremely low weight
The perfect "on-the-go" Flashlight
Light Intensity: 10 Lumen
Beam Distance: 15m
Weight without batteries: 20g
1 x Super Clear LED
1 x AAA Batteries included

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